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Meet Kevin, our Golf Professional

Golf Professional, Kevin
PGA Loogo

Our resident P.G.A Golf Professional at Aqualate Golf Centre is Kevin Short.

Kevin has been a Senior Golf Coach and equipment specialist for 40 years and has been at Aqualate since its opening in 1995.

For the last 20 years, Kevin has also been a tutor and examiner at the P.G.A National Training Academy and European Centre of Excellence at the Belfry.

Kevin prides himself on being very friendly whilst at the same time being someone to come to for expert help and tuition to learn and develop your game. Tuition programs cater for people of all ages and abilities with the option of one to one coaching or being coached within a group.


Also provided are sessions specially designed for ladies, juniors and cover all aspects of the game from learning your basic shot skills to being taken out on the course. Open roll-up sessions take place through the week which are posted on the notice board.


"At Aqualate we feel that it is important to enjoy the experience of learning what is a wonderful game played in lovely surroundings but also enjoy the unique social side that golf offers."


Hope to see you soon.

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